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The majority of allegations in the DR Congo were against men who victims said worked for the UN body. 15 Oct 2020 WHO to probe sex abuse by aid workers in DRC amid Ebola outbrea Democratic Republic of Congo. Displacement situation . Set at the heart of Central Africa, DR Congo is the continent's 2 nd-largest country, and has been the site of recurrent conflict and instability for several decades, particularly since the 1990's. The combination of long-term political instability, a complex and shifting array of active armed groups, a weak economy, and a broad lack. The Republic of Congo (French: République du Congo), also known as Congo-Brazzaville, the Congo Republic, West Congo, the former French Congo, or simply the Congo, is a small Central African country. It is bordered by five countries, one of which is the Democratic Republic of Congo situated to the east of Congo-Brazzaville

Democratic Republic of the Congo, country located in central Africa.Officially known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country has a 25-mile (40-km) coastline on the Atlantic Ocean but is otherwise landlocked. It is the second largest country on the continent; only Algeria is larger. The capital, Kinshasa, is located on the Congo River about 320 miles (515 km) from its mouth DR Congo Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline

The Democratic Republic of the Congo occupies an area of 2,345,409 sq. km in Central Africa. It is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa. The physical map above illustrates the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the massive expanse of the Congo Rainforest, the second-largest rainforest in the world after the Amazon Founded 1919 Address 31, avenue de la Justice Kinshasa Country Congo DR Phone +243 (81) 904 9788 Fax +243 (81) 301 3527 E-mail fecofa_sg@yahoo.f

The Democratic Republic of the Congo's fragile economy faces many long-standing challenges and remains highly vulnerable to shocks. To help the DRC strengthen its economy, the IMF has just approved a loan under its Rapid Credit Facility (RCF) combined with a Staff-Monitored Program until May 2020. Read the Articl The two countries are neighbors, with the DRC being the larger of the two countries and Republic of Congo to its west. DRC shares borders with Angola, the South Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of Congo, theCentral African Republic, the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania across Lake Tanganyika, and Zambia.. ROC has Democratic Republic of Congo in the southeast, Gabon in the west, Cameroon.

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo . The capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Kinshasa, is Kinshasa, which is also the country's largest city. Prior to its present name, the Democratic Republic of Congo was formerly known as Zaire, and before that, it was the Belgian Congo Madagascar beat DRC to reach AFCON last eight. Madagascar's run in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations will continue after they beat Democratic Republic of Congo on penalties DRC also concluded its program with the IMF in 2015. The price of copper - the DRC's primary export - plummeted in 2015 and remained at record lows during 2016-17, reducing government revenues, expenditures, and foreign exchange reserves, while inflation reached nearly 50% in mid-2017 - its highest level since the early 2000s

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Democratic Republic of Congo. Africa. Congo declares end of Ebola outbreak . Africa. Dozens accuse aid workers of sexual exploitation in DRC. Long Reads DR Congo is a vast country with immense economic resources and, until recently, has been at the centre of what some observers call Africa's world war, with widespread civilian suffering the result The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the second largest country in Africa and is both a major source of displaced people while also hosting several refugees from neighboring countries. The DRC currently hosts more than half a million refugees and five million internally displaced people (IDPs) - the largest IDP population in Africa

Some three dozen people have been killed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC's) troubled east, local officials have said, blaming a notorious armed group that has been accused of. The Democratic Republic of Congo is set to reopen one of its main border crossing with Rwanda on Wednesday, according to the authorities in the eastern town of Goma The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a complex and challenging humanitarian situation, with multiple conflicts affecting several parts of its vast territory. Hopes soared after a long and costly civil war was brought to an end in 2003, but the nation has instead seen sporadic waves of fighting - especially in the Eastern parts of the.

More than 70 percent of the world's cobalt is produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and 15 to 30 percent of the Congolese cobalt is produced by artisanal and small-scale mining. Bogoro, in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, has been cursed by the vast mineral wealth hidden beneath its black soil. Riches including gold, diamonds, coltan, timber and oil. Democratic Republic of Congo declares end to Ebola outbreak. UN issues $100m emergency funding and calls for global effort to avert famine. Published: 18 Nov 2020 Congo-DRC Democratic Republic of Congo (Formerly Zaire) Africa See Prayer Information Geography. Area: 2,345,410 sq km. Congo contains most of the Congo River system and much of the vast Central African rainforest. Population: 67,827,495 Annual Growth: 2.80%. Capital: Kinshasa. Urbanites: 35.2% . HDI Rank: 176 of 182 (UN Human Development. The Democratic Republic of Congo should be one of the wealthiest countries in the world.The BBC's Africa Editor Fergal Keane looks at what went wrong.Produce..

UNICEF in the Democratic Republic of Congo Discover UNICEF's work to defend children's rights and protect the lives of children. Our work. Page. COVID-19 in DRC The latest COVID-19 news and resources, as well as tips to protect you and your family. Visit the page. Article DR Congo news - updated 24/7/365. We link to the best sources from around the world. Covering the latest DRC politics, economy, entertainment news and more.. DRC.direct.news website: Live news from DR Congo. Latest news & videos, daily press review. All Congo DRC newspapers and diaspora blogs online DRC harbors more than 50% of the Africa's most tropical forests and is the most biologically rich country in Africa. It harbors endemic species such as okapi, Grauer's gorilla, bonobo and the Congo Peacok It is known as Congo-Kinshasa, DR Congo, DROC, DRC and simply Congo. It had other names in the past, from 1908 until 1960 the country was named the Belgian Congo, and between 1971 and 1997 it was known as Zaire. The DRC is the second biggest African country by area and the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa

Thursday, November 19, 2020 — People living in the Salamabila area in Maniema province in DRC are being drawn into ongoing conflicts over access to Mount Namoya, a natural gold mine. Exchanges. Insecurity. Since the First and Second Congo Wars, eastern DRC has been subjected to protracted violence led by various armed groups of different size and strength, and the Congolese army known as the FARDC. Some armed groups have stated objectives and a somewhat clear raison d'etre, while others' reason for existence is less understood.But all groups have one thing in common: the mass. The health zone of Rethy in Ituri province, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has seen an upsurge of plague cases since June 2020. The first case, a 12-year-old girl, reported to a local health centre on 12 June experiencing a headache, fever, cough, and an enlarged lymph node Since 2003, Pact has worked on a wide range of development issues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, mostly focused on artisanal and small-scale mining communties. Our work in DRC is helping to make this critical livelihood safer, more formalized and productive, and free of human rights abuses. Pact leads field implementation for ITSCI, the International Tin Association's tin supply chain.

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is an African nation that is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries regarding natural resources. Despite the presence of vast quantities of natural resources, Congo remains one of the poorest nations on earth. In 2017, the Congolese gross domestic product was roughly $37.24 billion, which was the 93 rd highest globally The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has the second largest swath of rainforests in the world—152 million hectares, accounting for most of the remaining rainforest in the Congo Basin. Although rates of deforestation in the DRC are low compared to tropical forests in the Amazon and Southeast Asia, almost half a million hectares are lost each. From voyaging on the Congo River, to gorilla tours, the Congo Rainforest, & spectacular and original Congo Safaris. Travel to the Congo and see animals, tribes, and culture. This is real and exhilarating Africa, and its final frontier. Come see it with Congo Travel and Tours The Democratic Republic of the Congo is sometimes known as Congo-Kinshasa or DRC. It was known as the Congo Free State, and later the Belgian Congo. It was named Zaire from 1971 to 1997. The DRC is in Central Africa, northeast of Angola . The country spans 2 time zones ©DRC ; 2020;All Rights Reserved.|Build SVN Revision number 9158 Fri, 18 Dec 20 02:07:25 +0530 .

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  1. We run some of our largest programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2019, we worked in 21 of out of the country's 26 provinces and responded to one of the biggest outbreaks of measles in decades. We also worked with people displaced by conflict, and those with health problems such as HIV/AIDS
  2. About the Research General Introduction. Continuous armed conflict and economic and political instability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) pose serious challenges to achieving social reconstruction, justice, and peace
  3. Ivanhoe Mines in talks over Congo and South Africa projects. Ivanhoe Mines is in talks with companies interested in its Western Forelands project in Democratic Republic of Congo's copper belt Read More

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The problems associated with democratic reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are manifold. While the name of the country surely lends itself to an assumption of regime type, in actuality, this area has experienced great civil unrest over the last five decades, resulting in an extremely tenuous so-called democracy Congo DRC. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is named after the Congo River which runs through the country. It is very densely populated, the 4th highest is Africa and 17th highest in the world. As well as being rich in culture and tradition with over 200 ethnic groups, the country is also very rich in natural resources. The DRC contributes.

HOLD-DRC is Humanitarian Organization for Lasting Development, Democratic Republic of the Congo.It is a Congolese Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), formed in 2012 by a group of professionals who were convinced that more could be done to raise the low Human Development Index ranking of DR Congo.. The staff at HOLD-DRC are longtime colleagues in DR Congo who asked for our help The Congo, in west-central Africa, is bordered by the Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, the Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is one-quarter the size of the U.S. The principal rivers are the Ubangi and Bomu in the north and the Congo in the west, which flows into the Atlantic

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Situation referred to the ICC by the DRC Government: April 2004 ICC investigations opened: June 2004 Current focus:Alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the context of armed conflict in the DRC since 1 July 2002 (when the Rome Statute entered into force) Current regional focus: Eastern DRC, in the Ituri region and the North and South Kivu Province The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the second-largest country in Africa, has been mired in conflict for decades. A country of paradoxes, it is a land rich in natural resources, but its people are among the poorest in the world

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DR Congo. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) - Ebola Situation Report #34 - October 14, 2020 Format Situation Report Source. IMC; Posted 15 Oct 202 The technical department of the Catholic Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Caritas Congo was established in 1960 and has had a legal personality since 1964. In accordance with its vision of a united and responsible Congolese society that is able to take care of itself, it sets about the task of increasing, through reflection.

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A mining client of mine based in the drc, congo province is looking for *gcc *senior engineer mechanical: tmm. The position entails management of health & safety standards, and ensuring maintenance.. Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United Nations. 866 United Nations Plaza - Suite 511 - New York, N.Y. 10017 (212) 319-8061 (212) 319-8232. Permanent Representative. H.E. Ambassador Ignace GATA MAVITA wa LUFUTA. Welcome to DR Congo. No front page content has been created yet The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a vast mineral-rich country that has been caught up in years of conflict, poverty, and lack of respect for human rights. DRC has been ranked 176th out of 187 countries in the 2015 UN Development Index and the country has not met any of the Millennium Development Goals Virunga National Park Congo, Gorilla Trekking, Congo gorilla tour, Congo safaris Virunga National park is one of not the best with diversity in Africa Famous for mountain gorilla trekking/ gorilla tours. Almost more than half of what's in Sub Saharan Africa in concentrated in this park. This park also boosts of two active volcanoes

Warlords, soldiers, and child laborers all toil over a mineral you've never even heard of. Coltan is a conflict mineral in nearly every cell phone, laptop, a.. Founded in 2012 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Congo-Invest Consulting (CIC), is a business consulting firm whose mission is to provide national and foreign investors with technical guidance including key indicators within the Congo investment framework The Democratic Republic of Congo —known as Zaire between 1971 and 1997 and now called DRC, Congo-Kinshasa or DR Congo— is the second-largest country and fourth most populous country in Africa, as well as a leading French-speaking nation. It has weathered a dark and convulsive history since its independence in 1960, long after Belgian King [ Welcome to Afrikta DRC Congo business directory. The perfect business listing for companies based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It provides the smartest way to list your business and also find reliable organizations across the country. Because Afrikta helps all size of businesses including small, medium and large corporates based in DRC.

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110k Followers, 245 Following, 339 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Congo Travel DRC (@congotraveldrc The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is host to one of the world's most complex and long-standing humanitarian crises, centered particularly in the east of the country. More than 2.1 million people were forced to flee their homes in 2017 alone — equivalent to an average of 50 families fleeing every hour, every day Reconsider travel to Democratic Republic of the Congo due to COVID-19, crime, and civil unrest.Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Read the Department of State's COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for Democratic Republic of the Congo due to COVID-19 November 3, 2020. Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Event: DRC Entry / Exit Requirements - COVID-19 Testing at Kinshasa Airport DRC updated entry and exit requirements to limit the spread of COVID-19. Incoming international passengers must now arrive with proof of a negative test and receive a COVID-19 test at Kinshasa's N'djili Airport

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Democratic Republic of Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is the second largest country in Africa and has a total population of 67.8 million people, of which 51% are women and 48% of the total population is below 15 years old The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Congo are neighbouring countries who share similar cultures, languages and even names. Brazzaville and Kinshasa are so close to each other that the two cities could be confused as being within the same country; geographically they are the two closest capital cities in the world At least 50 killed after train derails in Democratic Republic of Congo. Africa. Ebola death toll in Congo now over 2,000. Africa. Student whose family were killed by Ebola takes exam in quarantine After more than a decade of devastating civil war, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) faces the threats of the Ebola virus, food shortages and now coronavirus. Donate to CAFOD's Coronavirus Appeal. Why CAFOD works in the DRC. CAFOD is on the front line in the DRC, where the World Health Organization declared an Ebola global health.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the second largest country in Africa, is endowed with large quantities of freshwater. However, water security is low because of economic and governance constraints. Economic growth is negative in real terms, which limits the government's basic infrastructure investments and maintenance. Constricted political space for civil society activity and. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with over 200 languages spoken in the country. While French is the official language and widely used in education and government, there are four national languages: Kikongo (Kituba), Lingala, Swahili, and Tshiluba Democratic Republic of Congo Livelihood Baseline Profiles. December 2017. Consolidated report on the livelihood zones of The Democratic Republic of Congo. December 2016. Livelihood Zone Map. DRC Livelihood Zone Map. Quick Links. Food Assistance Outlook Brief. Price Watch. Global Weather Hazards Most news headlines from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have one thing in common—their focus on conflict, particularly in the eastern part of the country. True, conflict is not new. Democratic Republic of Congo Human Rights. Despite an international agreement in 2003 to end the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and two further agreements at the beginning of 2008 to end fighting in North Kivu and South Kivu provinces, the DRC remains a combat zone

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World Vision International Job Opportunities in Democratic Republic of the Congo. World Vision operates in four regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), focusing on transformational development programmes in the south and the west, and humanitarian and emergency response in the eastern region And last year accounted for an estimated 30 per cent of Congo's cobalt — the country mines more than 70 per cent of the global total — according to Gecamines, Congo's state-owned miner With a surface area equivalent to that of Western Europe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa. While its poverty rate has fallen slightly over the past two decades, particularly in rural areas, the DRC nonetheless remains one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2018, 72% of the population. ACTIVITIES. UNMAS vision for the DRC: DRC is a country free from the threat of mines, explosive hazards, and uncontrolled small arms and light weapons proliferation, where communities live in a sustainable, safe and secure environment.. Support to MONUSCO . UNMAS mitigates the threat posed by explosive hazards to civilians, including before, during and after MONUSCO Force operations against. By August 2018, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) hosted more than 536,000 refugees. 4.5 million people were also displaced inside the country. Refugees from Burundi, Central African Republic, and South Sudan have been arriving in DRC and are trying to make a living, despite a very difficult context (armed groups, poor economy, lack of.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is prey to severe conflicts, chiefly caused by the diversity and wealth of resources in certain regions. Between conflict, poverty, malnutrition and Ebola outbreak, 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance Democratic Republic of Congo. We have been working in the DRC since 2007, empowering the most vulnerable Congolese people to overcome hardships and build resilience in the face of one of the world's most urgent humanitarian crises. In 2019, our work reached over 3.7 million people all across the country Recent Developments. Opposition leader Félix Tshisekedi was declared the winner of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) presidential elections held in late December 2018 and was inaugurated. We began working in the DRC providing emergency relief to refugees and local communities. Since then, we have expanded to offering support for people seeking to claim their rights to land, education and their human rights

JOY! 18th Class Begins at City of Joy in Congo. Welcome to City of Joy! The new class of young women is now arriving in Bukavu at the City of Joy. The City of Joy is a revolutionary leadership center for women survivors of gender violence in the Democratic Republic 30 June 2020 Posted by V-Da Vodacom RD In Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), MSH has demonstrated its ability to strengthen health systems in fragile states where years of conflict have significantly weakened the health system. Assisted the DRC National TB Program in a door-to-door campaign in two health zones to identify suspected TB cases at the community level and. Located in the heart of the African tropics, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is custodian to the world's second largest area of tropical rainforest after South America's Amazon rainforest, covering 58.9% of its territory and storing 8% of global forest carbon. The DRC tropical rainforest is a true natural treasure, home to over a.

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