Venezuela, country located at the northern end of South America, occupying a roughly triangular area. Venezuela is bounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, and Colombia to the southwest and west. The national capital is Caracas Venezuela (teljes nevén: Venezuelai Bolivári Köztársaság) ország Dél-Amerikában.Amikor 1499-ben az európai felfedezők először pillantották meg az őslakosok vízparti házait egymástól elválasztó csatornákat, Velence jutott az eszükbe, ezért a környéket Kis-Velencének, azaz Venezuelának nevezték el. (A Venecia kicsinyítőképzős alakja spanyolu Stay on top of Venezuela latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera's fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps BDVenLíne Venezuela and its capital, Caracas, are reported to both have among the highest per capita murder rates in the world. Caracas is the city with the highest homicide rate in the world outside of a warzone, with a 2016 rate of around 120 murders per 100,000 people

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Venezuela [vænəsuˈe·la], officielt Den Bolivarianske Republik Venezuela (spansk: República Bolivariana de Venezuela), er et land i det nordlige Sydamerika.Venezuela grænser op til Colombia i vest, Brasilien i syd, Guyana i øst, de nederlandske ABC-øer i nord, og øerne Trinidad og Tobago i nordøst. Venezuela har et areal på 916.445 km 2 og et indbyggertal på over 31 millioner According to official government figures, Venezuela has more than 55,000 confirmed cases and 444 Covid-related deaths, much lower than its neighbours Colombia and Brazil, which have almost 680,000. Venezuela arrests two Americans for failed 'invasion', Maduro says. Voices. Kim Sengupta Off the coast of Venezuela is exactly the distraction Trump needs. Voices

Venezuela using coronavirus as cover to crack down on dissent, report claims. Human Rights Watch says it has found a 'very, very disturbing' pattern of intimidation and persecution of. Venezuela Tourism: Tripadvisor has 180,902 reviews of Venezuela Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Venezuela resource

Mundo Venezuela 23/11/20. Igreja Católica responsabiliza governo e oposição pela crise na Venezuela Mundo Venezuela 18/11/20. Venezuela: Mais de 107 mil apagões registados desde janeir CARACAS, Venezuela — Only a month ago, President Nicolás Maduro seemed to be consolidating his autocratic rule. The opposition was fading into irrelevance, international pressure was waning and. Venezuela, home to some of South America's most incredible landscapes, rightly has a terrible image problem at the moment. Hyperinflation has led to a dramatic drop in living standards and issues with the supply of basic goods, while personal safety, particularly in Caracas, is worse than anywhere else on the continent

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The electoral council in Venezuela says a fire in its main warehouse near the capital, Caracas, has destroyed most of the voting machines held there. Almost 50,000 voting machines and 582. Venezuela is a country in South America. Having a shoreline along the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Venezuela borders Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east and Brazil to the south, and is situated on the major sea and air routes linking North and South America. Off the Venezuelan coast are the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Trinidad and Tobago Venezuela's government is encouraging private firms to sign import and export deals with companies in Asia and the Middle East as part of an effort to limit the impact of U.S. sanctions, according. Get breaking news on Venezuela from Miami, FL. Read updates covering the South American country's economy, protests, political crisis, socialist government, oil industry, and more <p>Venezuela's economy is dominated by the oil industry, and it has the largest proven reserves of crude oil in the world. President <a title=More news and information about Hugo Chavez.

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  1. As head of Venezuela's military, General Vladimir Padrino López is a steadfast socialist, ready to defend his beleaguered country's self-professed revolutionary government
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  3. Nevertheless, Venezuela has attracted hundreds of thousands of immigrants from South America and southern Europe because of its lenient migration policy and the availability of education and health care. Venezuela also has been a fairly accommodating host to Colombian refugees, numbering about 170,000 as of year-end 2016
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Venezuela's economy is in shambles and the country has plunged into political chaos. The dysfunction is so great that basic economic data has been hard to come by Amid Venezuela's political and economic crisis, opposition leader Juan Guaido invoked the constitution in January to assume the interim presidency. The United States and most Western countries.

Venezuela court ousts opposition parties' leaders An election is due to be held in the crisis-hit country and there are fears of government tampering. Read mor But either option would force the US to occupy Venezuela until it had both the government and non-state armed groups under control. Past US interventions in Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others, have shown that becoming involved in other countries' politics can lead to violent, drawn-out conflicts, another expert said The Petrocedeño project is a mixed company formed by state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), Total and Equinor. Petrocedeño aims to improve the recovery of extra-heavy crude oil from the Orinoco Belt area and transform it into a higher quality syncrude than the Brent Blend reference crude

Also charged were the head of Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly, a former director of military intelligence, a former high-ranking general, the defense minister and the chief justice of. Back home, she was a woman with a career and a dream, but the crisis in Venezuela created a downward spiral she couldn't control. As a certified nurse, 15 days' work only earned her enough to buy. CARACAS, Venezuela — Dueling demonstrations ramped up Wednesday as thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas after opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for the largest march. Venezuela's internationally-recognized government concedes the last 12 months have been very tough. Trump administration increases pressure on Maduro regime with new sanctions 6:59 PM ET Tue, 21. the whole of Venezuela based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. In addition and for security reasons FCDO advises against all travel to: within 80 km (50 miles) of the Colombian border

Why is Venezuela important to China? While Beijing is an indispensable economic and political partner to Caracas, the Latin American nation is also very important to China Venezuela's economic fortunes have been tethered to the price of oil for most of the country's modern history, a dependency that only worsened after a charismatic former paratrooper named Hugo. Venezuela has been one of Moscow's largest customers in South America. Rostec's withdrawal of permanent and temporary employees is a major setback for Mr. Maduro,. In a recent report, the Venezuelan human rights group Provea said Faes was created by Maduro in 2017 to fight organized crime and terrorism and was part of Venezuela's national police. Venezuela's coastal range, which includes Caracas, is located in an active seismic zone. It is prone to earthquakes and landslides. Assistance Assistance. Local services Emergency services. Dial 911 for emergency assistance. Consular assistance

Venezuelanalysis.com is an independent website produced by individuals who are dedicated to disseminating news and analysis about the current political situation in Venezuela Venezuela - Venezuela - The economy: The Venezuelan economy is based primarily on the production and exploitation of petroleum. From the late 1940s to 1970 the country was the world's largest petroleum exporter; it remains one of the principal exporters of oil to the United States. Venezuela's economy has relied on earnings from the petroleum sector to modernize and diversify other.

Venezuela as of Sunday had officially reported 159 cases of coronavirus and seven deaths. Blanco said that he and Rodriguez for breakfast have black coffee and an arepa - Venezuela's typical.

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  1. g asylum in the U.S. upon arrival or shortly after, with nearly 30,000 Venezuelans applying for.
  2. Venezuela's economy was decimated after oil prices began collapsing in late 2014. The fall in oil prices made it hard for Venezuela to keep providing subsidies for its many national programs
  3. Venezuela's oil rigs, which had been producing nearly 3 million barrels of crude a day in 2014, are now producing just a fraction of that. The country with the largest (proven) crude oil reserves.
  4. By last summer, Venezuela's faltering opposition was looking for options. Guaidó had tried to lead a military uprising against Maduro on April 30, 2019, but the carefully constructed plot.
  5. In the case of Venezuela, only one side—the government—has the guns. So far, Maduro has enjoyed the full support of the armed forces, the National Guard—which is responsible for brutally.
  6. Venezuela's economy and medical system have collapsed in recent years, sending millions fleeing from the once-rich country, home to the world's largest oil reserves
  7. Do not travel to Venezuela due to crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, kidnapping, arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens, and COVID-19.. Read the Department of State's COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Venezuela due to COVID-19 and a Level 3.

Venezuela, a modern-day holocaust, has become a country in desolation, many people have decided to leave the country and other people less fortunate have been forced to endure extreme shortages due to the economic impact suffered by the country. Imagine Living on Less Than $11 per Month MARACAIBO, Venezuela — Even the dead aren't safe in Maracaibo, a sweltering, suffering city in Venezuela. Thieves have broken into some of the vaults and coffins in El Cuadrado cemetery since. José Antonio Ocanto is a journalist and host of a daily public affairs radio show in Trujillo, Venezuela. This op-ed was adapted from interviews with Ocanto by Jesse Hardman, who also served as.

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  1. Venezuela has become a country where a woeful number of children suffer from malnutrition, and where working two full-time jobs will pay for only 6 pounds of chicken a month
  2. Venezuela's massive, nationwide power outages, which began on Thursday, have so far resulted in at least 20 deaths, looting, and loss of access to food, water, fuel, and cash for many of the.
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  4. Earlier, Venezuela's chief prosecutor opened an investigation against opposition leader Juan Guaidó for allegedly plotting a coup with retired army Gen. Cliver Alcalá, who after being named in.
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  6. COVID-19 is present in Venezuela. Measures are in place to limit the spread of the virus, including community-wide quarantines. Travel between Venezuelan states is banned, with roadblocks in place and restrictions on internal flights. Many commercial flight routes to and from Venezuela have been suspended due to travel and border restrictions
  7. Much of Beijing's financial interest in Venezuela is tied to loans-for-oil deals struck between the two countries in 2007. By 2014, the China Development Bank had provided Venezuela with more.

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