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  2. Mud Erodibility as used in cementing and WELLPLAN's Cementing-OptiCem refers to the ability of the wellbore fluid to be eroded away by a different fluid passing by it in the annulus of the well. The Mud Erodibility option is available only to Halliburton users
  3. Indeedthe OptiCem cement modeling system of Halliburton is extremely germane to the issue of culpability for the deaths of these 11 workers. And yet Halliburton managed to extricate itself completely from this cinematic muckraking. What gives a company such power? We likewise don't hear about Anadarko Petroleum. Or the Mitsui Group
  4. One of Gagliano's chief responsibilities was running the OptiCem model, a multi-factor simulation designed to help predict potential gas flow that might interfere with getting a good cement job on a well site. The OptiCem model, considered highly reliable, took data inputs from BP engineers and evaluated the likely effectiveness of various well.
  5. Further along in the report, BP pointed the finger at Halliburton's OptiCem wellbore simulation application's inability to correctly aid in the design of the complex cementing job, which entailed creating several different kinds of cement and spacers. The report criticized the technical reviews of the design for focusing only on achieving an.
  6. Halliburton releases Opticem software, defining dynamic modeling of cementing operations for the industry 2001 Halliburton introduces WellLife service, leading the industry to predicting the risk of cement failure due to cumulative wellbore stresses at any point in the life of the wel

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  1. Cement Technology for Permanent P&A Gunnar Lende, Technology Manager, Cementing Scandinavia Norway 2012 workshop Plug & Abandonment Forum . 2 Advances in cementing technology for permanent P&A 1. Sealant shrinkage during curing OptiCem v6.4.10 28-Mar-11 15:21. 1
  2. I first experienced this idea with LANDMARK OptiCem™, a concept that supports collaboration in a project with several users and specialties working together, making more efficient and simplifying data input. validating a cement log either as the result of the cement placement conditions or due to the intervention of other variables and/or.
  3. OptiCem is a simulation software developed by Landmark. It was previously a stand-alone application, but is now implemented as a part of the Wellplan package. By using this program, one can simulate cement jobs, but also the optimal distribution of centralizers prior to a cement job. Figure 5.5 Starting the OptiCem centralizer module
  4. e why the variety of input parameters was used or changed for the different OptiCem TM modeling runs. Wellbore survey data was available after the well reached total depth on April 9.

In designing cement placement the Halliburton in house cementing engineer from SAFETY AND 122 at Universiti Teknologi Mar 1. OptiCem™ Software Cement Job Simulation Finite Element Analysis 2. Displace 3D® Simulator Displacement models in 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics 10% 3. WellLife® Express Service Cement Sheath Stress Analysis Finite Element Analysis 4. Data Acquisition Field data acquisition and monitoring iCem® Servic cement's interface strength and prevent air and blood inclusions in the cement mantle.3,11 Retrograde filling The Swedish Arthroplasty Register has shown that retrograde cement filling of the femur reduces risk of revision and is an important step in Modern Cementing Technique.1 A study performed in WellPlanTM-Opticem revealed that there still exist some challenges before the cement design and real time jobs can be properly imported and analysed in the software. During the work lack of cement job data storage system was discovered. A new way of cement data storage was suggested and established

Plasticizers. As a pioneer in the development of plasticizers for earth-moist concretes for the production of top-quality, directly demolded concrete block products on fully automated production equipment in the vibro-compaction and pressing process, we offer you a selection of top-quality products An OptiCem test on 15 April, five days before the blast, stipulated that from Halliburton's point of view, 21 'centralizers' needed to be added to the well bore. The centralizers are used to provide space around the oil pipe casing within the well, as cement is poured around it, and are a vital part of safe drilling History Name: Deepwater Horizon Owner: Transocean's Triton Asset Leasing GmbH Operator: Transocean Port of registry: Panama (23 February 20.. The OptiCem cement modelling system, used by Halliburton in April 2010, played a crucial part in cement slurry mix and support decisions. These decisions became a focus for investigations into the explosion on the rig that month. History Construction and ownership. Deepwater.

• Designing cementing works with Landmark Opticem and Schlumberger CamCade simulator software • Preparation of cement works and projects • Elaborating, developing and testing of cement slurries compositions • Casing cementing service and remedia cementing service • Pumping services: pressure tests, DFIT, FIT, formation test Number of sacks (sk/tonne) WELLPLAN OptiCem - Cementing Use What You Know WELLPLAN OptiCem - Cementing Caliper Log Import Import caliper log data (annular inner diameters) from a Log ASCII Standard (LAS) file for use in Cementing calculations (OptiCem) Halliburton brochure entitled OptiCem RT(™) cement job design and simulation system, Oct. 2005, 2 pages, Halliburton. Halliburton brochure entitled Pozmix® A—cement additive, 1999, 2 pages, Halliburton. of cement East African Portland Cement Uganda Limited Kampala, Uganda - 100 Shareholding - The principal activity of the Company is the sale of cement whose name began as an abbreviation of Cement Roadstone Holdings, was formed through the merger in 1970 of Cement Ltd established in 1936 and Roadstone Portland Cement Works Precinct is a heritage - listed former cement works and limestone. OPACITY +® is a low viscosity radiopaque bone cement for vertebroplasty, allowing excellent stabilisation of the vertebral body.. The very high concentration of zirconium oxide in this cement allows it to be used during vertebroplasty procedures during which continuous radiological monitoring is performed using a scanner or image intensifier

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  1. Invizion RT real-time well integrity service significantly improves cementing operations by enabling operators to monitor, control, and evaluate cement placement in real time. The service combines the job design with real-time acquisition data from both the rig and the cementing equipment to accurately represent the operation as it is being.
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  3. It needs an extra care from time to time and a software is used in order to monitor all the characteristics of the cement during the cementing job. Through this research and studies, problems has been resolved by designing the suitable cement program. Overall data was used in OptiCem module to simulate and observe casing cementing procedures


The objective of this work is to design the proper cement program which is compatibale with the formation , that which would be the case study. The methodolgy is based on the finding of the class of cement , to know the zone and interval and on the rheology of the cement. We will then be using the opticem soft ware to proceed with the results Cement did not isolate the formations in the Macondo well. The failure of the cement to A pre-job OptiCem run by Halliburton recommended the use of 21 centralizers. 1. and indicated an increased chance for channeling if that number was reduced. 2 Foamed cement compositions comprising density reducing additives and methods of making and using the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of cementing is disclosed. The method of cementing comprises preparing a base cement composition comprising a cement, a water, and a density reducing additive, wherein the base cement composition comprises a base density The OptiCam® LC Fiber Connector, OM3/OM4 50/125µm multimode simplex, is intended for 900μm tight-buffered fiber installations which are outside the scope of the RoHS directive. The connector also contains a factory-terminated fiber, eliminating the need for field polishing and adhesive

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***Akció***Akció***Akció***Akció***Akció***Akció***Akció***Akció***Akció*** Cemmac Opticem 32,5 R szlovák cement 25 kg 3200.- /q Murexin SIL 60 Szaniter. A method of cementing a wellbore comprising preparing a wellbore cementing composition comprising a cementitious materials and a modified biopolymer additive wherein the modified biopolymer additive is the reaction product of a process comprising contacting a biopolymer and an organic carbonate to form a reaction mixture and subjecting the reaction mixture to a temperature of from about 100. Cement mixed at the surface can become thick and entrap air, changing the cement's weight, he said. In his testimony, Gagliano dismissed industry safety concerns about D-Air 3000 having a destabilizing effect on foamed cement slurry. He said a Halliburton liquid additive called ZoneSeal foamer was used to compensate for the defoamer Advanced systems played a key role in the rig's operation, from pressure and drill monitoring technology, to automated shutoff systems and modelling systems for cementing. The OptiCem cement modelling system, used by Halliburton in April 2010, played a crucial part in cement slurry mix and support decisions

The OptiCem cement modelling system, used by Halliburton in April 2010, played a crucial part in cement slurry mix and support decisions. These decisions became a focus for investigations into the explosion on the rig that month. History Construction and ownership - Design cement jobs and provide technical supervision for all laboratory testing. - Design and evaluate cement jobs, utilizing Wellplan-Opticem cement engineering software - Project manager for purchase of equipment for cementing (silos for cement, cementing unit, trucks, casing equipment, acid tanks, materials for cementing Ver 3 Change 9-5/8 cement job to Lead & Tail Change to 9-5/8 setting depth 30-Jan-09 . Submitted by Peter Geste . Halliburton Australia Pty Ltd OptiCem. Comparison of Rates In and Out. Total Annular Return Rate and the Corresponding Pump Rate vs. Time. Liquid Pump Rate In Total Flow Rate Out . 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 The OptiCem cement modelling system, used by Halliburton in April 2010, played a crucial part in cement slurry mix and support decisions. These decisions became a focus for investigations into the explosion on the rig that month

For the OptiCAM (released late last year), the scanner creates a 3-D image by compiling from a video feed in live time. Start one tooth distal (to the back) to the main tooth to one tooth mesial (to the front of the prepared tooth). Cement the restoration. Adjust the occlusion: If the bite is too high, it will hurt to bite on the tooth Itt vannak a leggyakoribb kislány utónevek. Ami nem szerepel a top 100-as listában az Orália vagy Kandida. Azoknak, akiknek nem az angol az anyanyelvük, ajánlott a klasszikus neveknél maradni, mivel a kevésbé gyakori nevek nem kívánt figyelmet vonzhatnak be May 20, 2020 - For all non-pressure applications. Size:'16 Ounce. SKU: EDIB000UG3GJQ The OptiCem cement modelling system, used by Halliburton in April 2010, played a crucial part in cement slurry mix and support decisions. The company has been involved in numerous controversies, including its involvement with Dick Cheney - as U.S. Secretary of Defense, then CEO of the company, then Vice President of the United States - and.

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  1. Optics is the branch of physics that studies the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. Optics usually describes the behaviour of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light. Because light is an electromagnetic wave, other forms of electromagnetic radiation such as X-rays, microwaves, and radio waves.
  2. cement job might be better with the liner based on model runs. Mark noted that the long-string was the original plan for the well. After running several iterations of Jesse's (Halliburton's) OptiCem cement model, the model indicated that BP could get a good cement job on the long-string. From a full life cycle perspective
  3. Halliburton OptiCem™ cement model review concluded zonal isolation objectives could be met using 9 7/8 in. x 7 in. long string as production casing. Halliburton 9 7/8 in. x 7 in. Production Casing Design Report: 12. 15-Apr-2010: Events Prior to April 19, 2019
  4. The report said BP may have ignored the results of the Halliburton OptiCem cement modeling software, which had stated the well needed more stabilizers, called centralizers, to support the underwater cement work
  5. This film has every reason to be horrible, but it's not. It's actually quite a good piece of filmmaking. It's not cinema, but it's the kind of stuff which resonates even with a crusty old jaded bloke like me
  6. BP or Halliburton ever shared the cement stability results or the OptiCem reports - showing gas flow potential - with Transocean personnel on the Deepwater Horizon or in the Houston office. Eleven men died and over the next 87 days, almost five million barrels of oil were discharged into the Gulf of Mexico. If shift handovers ar
  7. No evidence that BP or Halliburton ever shared the cement stability results or the OptiCem reports - showing gas flow potential - with Transocean personnel on the Deepwater Horizon or in the Houston office. Fatalities 1 Injuries 17 Estimated Financial Costs (USD) $144,890,000,000 Source: United States Department of Labor

  1. Opticem dualhärtend KANIEDENTA GmbH & Co. KG Zum Haberland 36 32051 Herford PANAVIA TM SA Cement Universal Kuraray Europe GmbH Philipp-Reis-Str. 4 65795 Hattersheim FANTESTIC® DirectCem® DC R-dental Dentalerzeugnisse GmbH Winterhuder Weg 88 22085 Hamburg.
  2. The job will be a Conventional primary cement job with 4 fluids in the schedule (identified in the list below). o Mud Erodibility data: required shear stress = 24 o Drilling Fluid Mud: 9.40 lb/gal, Bear 9.625 in Section Mud, 04/05/08 at rate of 8 bpm. o Tuned® Spacer III: 80 bbls of 10.60 lb/gal, Bear #2 7in Casing TS-III, 12/17/08 at rate of 8 bpm
  3. OptiCem calculates the likely outcome of a cement job based on a number of variables, including the geometry of the wellbore and casing, the size and location of centralizers, the rate at which cement will be pumped, and the relative weight and viscosity of the cement compared to the mud it displaces. Gagliano's calculations suggested tha
  4. Work on both system of controlling cement mixing system (unipro-flex) Excellent knoledgwe of down hole tools ( bridge plug-dv.tools- cement support tools(cst).etc). Run all types of cementing soft ware (opticem-cemwin-Icem). عرض المزيد عرض أق
  5. • Supervises, coordinates, and educates service supervisors, service operators and operator assistants in the operation of cement pumping and mixed equipment, blenders, liquid additive metering systems, centrifugal pumps, data acquisition systems, Opticem RT, Real time transmission, ADC systems, bulk cement blending, delivery, and storage.
  6. DISTRUZIONE DI SUPERFICI RIGATEQuesta funzione permette di distruggere sfridi anche di forme a conicità varabile. Viene così ridotto in modo significativo l'..
  7. ated cement can develop, providing a path for a later blowout. Based on modeling Gagliano ran on Halliburton's OptiCem software, he.

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The OptiCem cement modelling system, used by Halliburton in April 2010, played a crucial part in cement slurry mix and support decisions. These decisions became a focus for investigations into the explosion on the rig that month.[19 This increases the costs and delays the completion of wells. By ensuring proper spacing between centralizers, a good primary cement job can be achieved. The do it right the first time principle cannot be stressed enough. This thesis focus on the use of the OptiCem™ module included in the WELLPLAN™ software REPORT REGARDING THE CAUSES OF THE APRIL 20, 2010 MACONDO WELL BLOWOUT September 14, 2011 i ii iii Dedication.....211 Acknowledgement.... • Excellent maintenance for HT400 pumps, cement heads and all FMC and SPM high pressure equipment (LoTorc Valves, Swivels, chiksan,etc)and for low pressure equipment • Excellent calibrate for Automatic Density Control ADC. • Smooth handle and calibrate with CemWin and Opticem (Providing chart

Landmark Software ( Wellplan- Opticem) 530 Projects Thermal cement slurry was designed for cyclic steam stimulation where cement are exposed to temperatures above 350C, to prevent cracking & maintain long term integrity & zonal isolation of cement The software used encompasses three module like COMPASS module, WELLPLAN module and OPTICEM module which well trajectory design through COMPASS module and cement design by using WELLPLAN module and OPTICEM module. Pertaining on that, the ECD behavior is tabulated. As a result, the optimum flow rate of the slurry is measured and recorded The foam cement analyses and negative pressure tests themselves came after numerous prior tests and analyses. For example, the BP Accident Investigation Report makes frequent reference to OptiCem, a software modelling tool used frequently throughout the placement of the cement. Whilst the limitations of this tool were recognised in.

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The cement job implemented on was performed according to

In designing cement placement the Halliburton in house

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The specimens were divided into 5 groups (n=5) according to section of post used: Group 1 (G1) (control) - cement resin BiFix, Group 2 (G2) -one principal glass fibre post (Reforpost), Group 3 (G3. 4.March 2005 -March 2008-Halliburton, Cement lab supervisor (Sonils Base) 5.April 2004 - March 2005-Associate field service quality control cordinator (Malongo Base) 6.April 2003-April 2004 Offshore working for Halliburton as cement operator I Mixed dry cement ingredients per customer orders. • Programmed computerized load system, charting each job on OptiCem. • Identified bottlenecks in facility, increasing efficiency in fast. cement and helps the cement flow into smaller areas surrounding the casing. 7 . Similarly, th e decision to disregard th e OptiCem TM modeling . 34 MBI hearing, May 26, 2010,.

Opticam Electric Eel Wohler Locators - Line & Sonde. Sewer Jetters BossJet Sewer Jetters Ridgid Sewer Jetters General Sewer Jetters Trailer Sewer Jetters Hot Water Jetters Jetter Conversion Kits Jetter Hoses Jetter Nozzles Nozzle Calculator. Flex Cable Drain Cleaning GI Commercial Cyclone RIDGID. Cable Drain Cleaning Valor Ridgid Milwaukee. onboard without asking the Halliburton representative to make another Opticem run. To make another run had to be easy because none of the other data would changed. The Halliburton representative (Jesse Gagliano) with extensive experience in cement modeling, then working in the BP office, wasn't even told of the change in plans The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) is a global effort by 24 major cement producers with operations in more than 100 countries who believe there is a strong business case for the pursuit of sustainable development Mar 29, 2016 - Know the benefits of choosing diamond track sawing for concrete drilling. Read on to know more

• OPTICEM • STIMWIN • UNIPRO II • Halliburton Elite Cement Mixing • CDL Water Survival P.E.C. Training H.U.E.T Halliburton Cementing I, II, III TWIC. Experience. Truck Driver Bay Ltd Supervise at the field CT jobs (fishing, velocity's string, cement squeeze, abandonment cement plug, well stimulations, wax removal and sand clean-outs in vertical well, deviated wells). Lead and holds Pre & Post Job safety meetings. Running the Halliburton software as opticem, centralization, erodability, lost circulation, etc. at client. Visualize o perfil de André Roncete no LinkedIn, a maior comunidade profissional do mundo. André tem 1 emprego no perfil. Visualize o perfil completo no LinkedIn e descubra as conexões de André e as vagas em empresas similares


Mar 16, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Vonnie Davis. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. On April 20, 2010, a well control event allowed hydrocarbons to escape from the Macondo well onto Transocean¿s ¿Deepwater Horizon,¿ resulting in explosions and fire on the rig. This is the report of an internal BP incident invest. team. It presents an analysis of the events leading up to the accident, 8 key findings related to. Supervising and Leading operations of cement placement for oil & gas wells up to 15,493 ft. deep (HPHT wells) giving technical support between customers in the Eagle Ford Formation and crew members at site. Identify risks and implement effective mitigation and prevention measurements to carry out jobs safely. (Hazard ID'S, Effective Audit)

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Amazing Machinery (Cleveland, Tennessee, USA) is an online supplier of commercial-quality hot and cold sewer jetters, sewer cameras, flex cable drain cleaners, sewer cable machines, and many other types of equipment.Quality equipment is our business and we do it very well. Pricing on most machinery shown on this site includes free freight within the continental 48 United States via common. the cement engineer the program with any update may be encountered before or during the cement job • Take all responsibility about cement jobs steps from A to Z in Land rigs • Smooth handle and calibrate with CemWin and Opticem (Providing chart and Halwin data) • Follow HMS instructions as per job title responsabilities BP has accused Halliburton of deleting from computers the key cement modelling data used to analyse the slurry mix needed at the Macondo well. Halliburton denies the claims and has said the motion is without merit. US government investigations established that BP failed to fully adhere to the results of the OptiCem software, which.

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So that, unlike the OptiCem simulations where a total of 11.7 gallons of foaming agent was pumped--and only while the base slurry for the foamed cement was being pumped--they pumped over 22 gallons and included all the tail cement and most of the lead cement in the process - Calculations of cement chemicals and all volumes for the cementing job, pre-job and past-job document work, Mixing cement slurry with RCM I, RCM II, RCM III, Mixing Tuned Spacer and Cement slurry with the Batch mixer; Prepare dry cement chemicals (blending) for cement job; use single and double Cement heads with Q OptiCem固井建模系统于2010年4 ^ Deepwater Horizon modelling software showed BP cement conditions unstable. IT news website (Computerworld UK). 2010-11-12 [2010-11-12]. ^ Transocean Sedco Forex to close pending merger with R&B Falcon on January 31, 2001 Vash makes extensive use of structure, intensity, and position in its image generation. Despite its visually striking and distinctive impact, color plays only a small role in differentiating between Vash images

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High-performing transmission grids are the backbone of the entire power system. Siemens has compiled a solution-oriented, integrated portfolio for grid operators It comprises products and solutions for efficient and reliable power supply with a focus on long-distance transmission, the grid integration of renewables, and strengthened grid stability assistants in the operation of cement pumping and mixing equipment, blenders, liquid additive metering systems, centrifugal pumps, data acquisition systems, Opticem RT, Real time transmission, ADC systems, bulk cement blending, delivery, and storage systems, manifolding equipment, and cementing plug releasing tools. • Work at new technology ( commander cement head ) . • Work at CMS ( liquid additive system ). • Work in HPHT wells with major operators like BP, BG, RWE, and ENI. Computer Work skills I am a good using • OptiCem design . • OptiCem RT . • CemWin . • I Cem design . • I Cem RT . Show more Show les Cement supervisor Halliburton Algeri Location: Algeria Education: High school or equivalent, Experience: 9 years, 9 months Connect Request Sent. Message More Share . Follow Unfollow Block Report Inappropriate Share Boubakeur Benour profile. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share Via Email.

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